Monday, 20 April 2015


You are enthusiastic anal sex, below are a few poses that definitely need to try. 

Aerobatics. Pose is designed for users of anal sex who is not the first time experimenting in this direction. Girl lying on her stomach and spreads her legs a little. Young man hanging from the top and gently introduces the penis in the anus. 

Pose a spoon. A girl and a guy lying on their sides. Plus the fact that the penetration of all are relaxed, the muscles do not tense up and there is no strong pressure. In addition, she is open and all it's easy to caress her to more emancipated and felt freer. 

For experienced professionals. Knee-elbow position in which the woman gives a man to fully control the process. Therefore, women should be fully trusted and not for the first time anal sex. In this position, the man enters from behind, it is possible to achieve deep penetration and fast frictions. 

To start. Position when a man lies on his back, and the woman sits alone on the penis. Here, control is completely at the girl, and she decides how deep is sex. Good posture in which she self check yourself for strength.

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