Friday, 12 December 2014


Men's habits, annoying women Men's habits, annoying women Every girl is considered the mistress of his house, it is removed, suggests cleanliness, order, and men do not always maintain its cleanliness and comfort of home. Men have bad habits that are very annoying women, and women are constantly trying to fight them.    

1) coming home late. Women love to meet their men with hot dinner on the table and a hot mug of tea. They are always trying to please and warm dinner closer to the arrival of man. But the habit of men to be late or stay at work, stand to talk to friends about the house is very annoying women, they have several times to warm up the dinner.

2) Discussions. It often happens when a man walking down the street with his girlfriend, and will be held by any of the beautiful blonde and a man begins to discuss it. Men do not see anything in this situation shameful and women feel hostility recognizes Also, most men discussing women in the company of friends, this habit will ruffle any girl.

3) Throwing things. Habit men throw their clothes, which is very difficult and not always possible to fight. Women love the house clean, because they themselves put things in order and clean the house. But men, coming home, throw the clothes, socks, create extra work wives, because wives are trying to clean things into place. And every morning from the men can hear the question: "Have you seen where my socks?".

4) Computer Games. Computer games are very exciting experience, you can play for hours without noticing how fast time flies. But do not get involved in the game for the whole day, because women are always in need of attention.

5) Do not always help in the kitchen and around the house. To a man anything done at home or helped her in the kitchen, it had to persuade the clock, repeat, and sometimes ask to go to the trick. But, as they like, when they are praised for their work.

6) Men's company. Most of the men are going to an all-male company and a great time, go on a fishing trip, cottage, hunting and so on. D. But why not bring your favorite wives? Will they be able to stop to catch fish? It would be great if the men took their women with them on vacation, women also love nature trips and trips to the country.

Men's bad habits that annoy women, a very large number, and probably struggle with them would never end. Just sometimes you need to hear his woman and her yield

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