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Beginners models often ask these questions: how to prepare for a photo shoot? How to choose the right clothes for the shoot? Use our simple tips, and as a result you will not only have a good time, but also get a lot of good pictures that will be show off to friends and family.

The first rule: a good night's sleep before shooting. It is desirable not to go on a photo shoot later on the eve of the party, drink alcohol, junk food, and drink plenty of fluids. All this could adversely affect the well-being and appearance; look tired and dull eyes still nobody painted, and it would be difficult to hide even with retouching.

2) Clothes and footwear.
Think carefully about the images that you want to see yourself, and pick the appropriate clothes, shoes and accessories. Set of clothes should be several. Images can be: strict business, romantic, folk ethno, in evening dress, in a swimsuit, and so on, up to the "nude" (in this case, going into the studio, do not wear anything too tight, the skin may leave traces that hold up to an hour).
Try to pick clothes as much as monochromatic color scheme; too colorful, contrasting with very large or very small figure things do not fit. Contrary to general opinion, the set of "light top, dark bottom" not the best option. Avoid too bright, deep colors they distract from the face, and not all are. Black makes flat shape, so do not overdo it.
As for the laundry take several sets of different colors and types. Remember that even transparent silicone bra straps on the photos will still be visible; for evening dress do not wear underwear that were not visible in the figure etched webbing and straps it is not very aesthetically pleasing.
It is also necessary to take at least two pairs of shoes in different colors, and even better if the shoes will be matched to each image. One pair should be on high heels (for women). Remember that a high heel visually stretches the figure and straighten your posture.

3) Accessories and props.
Do not limit your choice of accessories: all kinds of jewelry, scarves, shawls, hats, goggles, gloves, and items that you can take your hands (an umbrella, bag, pipe, phone, stick, soft toys, etc.) will be very useful. The harmonious way, the spectacular picture!

4) Make-up.
Well, if you have the opportunity to use the services of a professional makeup artist. But you can apply makeup yourself, paying special attention to the eyes. Remember that the camera "eats" make-up, so make it a little harder than usual, but in moderation, of course. The day before wash your hair or do styling in the salon on the day of the shooting. But do not experiment, leave it for another time!

5) Tidy eyebrows.
Hide redness and skin blemishes help tonal resources
It is not recommended to carry out the shooting on the eve of drastic cosmetic procedures and go to the solarium (As for fair-skinned).

6) Attitude.
Finally, tune in to shoot. If you are a shy person by nature, play the entire photo shoot mentally, it will help you feel more confident. If you do not know how to behave in the studio, you can look through the magazines and take note of a few scenes.   Bring along your favorite music. Finally, trust the photographer, because you have with him a common goal.

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